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Statutory Reports of PaySoftware

  • EPF Monthly Return Statement
  • EPF Form 2 Rev - Nomination
  • EPF Form 3A Rev – (For employee statement)
  • EPF Form 1 – EPF Report Yearly
  • EPF Form 5 (Employee Joined Service)
  • EPF Form 6A
  • EPF Form 10 (Employee Leaved Service)
  • ESI Monthly Report
  • ESI Register – Halfearly
  • ESI Form 5
  • ESI Form 6 (ESI Return of contribution)
  • ESI Form 1 (ESI Declaration Form)
  • TDS Form 16 (Yearly)
  • TDS Form 12 BA
  • Professional Tax PF Form 5
  • Professional Tax PF Form 5A

Key elements of PaySoftware

  • Department wise employee listing
  • Allocating grading systems and issuing grades to employees us per this system
  • Shift allocation and weekly off
  • Machine wise coding for punch card
  • Inter facing punch card database
  • 'Late Comers' data
  • 'On duty' record & tracking
  • 'Over Time' data
  • 'On permission' data
  • Leave calculation & data
  • Accounting for Salary advance and deducting the approved monthly deduction in the pay slip accordingly
  • 'Loan' – eligibility, disbursal & tracking

Prime advantages of PaySoftware

  • Perfect precision and swift handling
  • Efficient and absolute management of every pay day
  • Operator friendly
  • Acknowledged by satisfied clients, spread across a broad spectrum of functional variations
  • Effective, Comprehensive and affordable
  • PaySoftware is developed and managed by a team of professionals, expertised in payroll operations and needs
  • Standard and customized reports to suit every statutory and management need

In a nutshell, PaySoftware is a perfect consolidator of a enterprises activity and help infer factors to repair, maintain & augment productivity.

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