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Visitor Management Software is software that helps computerize the operations of security office / reception (at organizations entry gate points / reception) in relations to visitors with the following activities:

  • Authorise and control the visitors’ movement for online visitors’ authentication and pre-approved visitors.
  • Issue / return Gate / Entry pass
  • Visitors history & related MIS activities

It can replace the traditional way of getting telephonic authorization from an employee for allowing the visitor and making the gate pass manually. Here the visitor can take an appointment first. The employee would make and appointment entry in the system with appointment date and time. On a given date and time the appointment becomes active and the security person (Gate user) allows the visitor to visit the employee. Gate pass is printed only if there is an entry into the list of today’s appointments. Alternatively an electronic message is sent to the visiting employee together with the visitor’s details and photograph for a walk in visitor. Gate pass is printed only if the employee sends an electronic approval to allow the visitor. Gate Pass may or may not have visitors photograph. Visitor Management Software is used to keep track of visitors and their visiting frequencies, nos of visitors in the organization at any given point of time, visitors movement, overstaying visitors etc.

The exclusive features of Visitor Management Software are follows:

  • Full keyboard/mouse functionality and shortcuts for fast data-entry and ease to use
  • Quick & easy entry/registration for repeat visitors as well as new visitors
  • Categories of visitors – visitors, residents, contractors, maintenance persons etc.
  • Pre-approved visitors (visitors with prior appointments)
  • Integration of Visiting card Scanner, GSM Modem, Handheld wired/wireless Barcode scanner
  • Issue Vehicle passes
  • LDAP Integration
  • Black listed organization and visitors
  • Long duration multi-Entry gatepass for visitors
  • Advanced search & filter options
  • Saving of Visitor details (Name, Name of the Company, Address, Email ID, Photographs, Telephone numbers etc. ) in the database
  • View current visitors their In Time, Out Time. Status of the visitors (inside, left, waiting for authorization, rejected).
  • Direct gate pass entry from the current visitors' list
  • Reports – Date-wise, employee-wise/resident-wise, Department-wise/Villa-wise, not signed off visitors
  • wise, no. of visit wise etc. Custom reports can also be generated.
  • Gate pass with visitor’s photograph, Customised format for Gate pass
  • Smooth and hassle free installation
  • House Keeping Features – Merge companies & visitors
  • Web, Onsite & Email support, training to users
  • User rights and restrictions definition

ADD ON Modules

Contract Workers In/Out – GateTimeKeeper

The add on module computerizes the operations for the following:

  • Capture Master details of contractors, workers and contract
  • Issue Workers’ ID Card
  • Validate & record Worker Entry/Exit
  • Reports
    • Contract Worker Attendance – Department wise, contractor wise etc.
    • Worker Attendance Matrix – Department wise

It replaces the traditional method of marking Entry/exit of contract workers. The workers would scan their ID cards at the entry/exit points to mark their In/Out time in the organization. The relevant and required reports would be generated by the system.

Finger Print Module

This module helps in taking finger print of the visitor. Alongwith the details like name, picture & address of the visitor, finger print is also taken and stored. For a repeat visitor, scanning the finger print will populate the demographic details in Visitor Management application.

This module can be used with contract Worker In/Out – GateTimeKeeper also. The module helps in maintaining unique visitor/contract worker records.

Alongwith this module we supply the following:

Standalone USB Finger print scanning device
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